Waleed Sami Abu al-Khair, Lawyer and Human Rights Activist. Founder and Director of Monitor of Human Rights in Saudi Arabia.

Update 20/04/2015141903_Waleed_Abu_al-Khair_0_teaser_one_col:

On the 20th of April 2015 the prison cell of detained activist Abu al-Khair had been searched and his personal belongings vandalized. He was also assaulted warranting medical attention at the prison hospital. Al-Khair often defends the basic rights for his fellow prisoners of conscience and it is believed that this attack was in retaliation to his activities. Al-Khair has since lodged a formal complaint in relation to his mistreatment inside Al-Hayer prison which has largely been ignored.

Update 26/02/2015:
On the 15th of February 2015,

the Specialised Criminal Court of Appeal in Saudi Arabia upheld the sentencing decision of the SCC in the case of Al-Khair. Al-Khair was sentenced to 15 years in prison, followed by a 15 year travel ban upon release and a fine equating to fine of 200,000 SR (approximately US$53,300/ 30,000 GBP see more)

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